Important Situations مواقف هامة فى اللغة الانجليزية للصف الثانى الثانوى الترم الثانى 


*بداية أود أن أقول لكم عزيزى الطالب /عزيزتى الطالبة... أن الموقف أو ما يقال فى الموقف هو شعور أو انفعال الشخص نحو الموقف . فكما يقول علماء النفس أن كل فعل له رد فعل أو استجابة Every action has a reaction . فهناك مواقف طلب وهناك مواقف تهنئة وأخرى تمنى ، وهكذا ،،،، فمثلا : 
You want to congratulate your neighbour on his success 
تريد أن تهنىء جارك على نجاحه . مبسوط 
تفتكر الاجابة هتكون أيه يعنى ؟! دى الاجابة فى الموقف نفسه .نقول : 
Or / Great news 
Or / I'm very happy to hear that good news 
Or/ What a lovely surprise 
مثال آخر 

You are in the clothes shop and the sales assistant says to you ," Can I help you ? "يعنى أنت فى محل الملابس والبائع بيسألك " أى خدمة ؟ " هترد تقول ايه يعنى ؟ ! أوعى تزعلنى منك وتقول زى ناس تانية Yes ,you can طبعا ، دا مش كلام طلبة ثانوى أبدا . انما تقول طلبك ايه ، يعنى مثلا تقول : 
Yes,please . I want to buy a shirt /a tie /a suit ...etc 
Or : Thanks , I'm just looking 
Answered Situations 
You are requested to fetch your younger brother from school Ok. I'll fetch him . Don't worry , dad /Mum 
You went to the airport to see your brother off Have a happy journey /flight 
Or : I'll miss you . Keep in touch
You ask your teacher's advice on how to revise for the exam . = You should answer as many exercises and exams as you can 
Or : I advise you to work to a study plan
Your neighbour wishes you success . = Thanks . It's a good feeling of you 
Your friend is suffering from a pain in his back . = You must see a doctor . / You'd better have some rest 
A passer-by offers you help , but you aren't in need of help . = Thank you , I can manage ./ I can do it myself 
Your sister can not do the exercise . She asks your help . = Ok., I'll help you . Don't worry 
Your father is busy reading the paper and asks you to answer the phone . = Ok., dad , I'll answer it 

The waiter at the restaurant asks for your order= 
I'll have fish with rice and green salad 
You're asked to suggest a means for saving energy . = We shouldn't extravagate in using electricity 
Or : We have to look for other alternatives of renewable energy ( such as ; solar energy , wind power ...etc 
You have spilt tea on your friend's coat . = I'm so sorry 
The waiter asks you what you would like to have for dessert 
I'd like to have ice cream 

الى الملتقى فى دروس أخرى قادمة باذن الله . 


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